A Devastating Alternate Second World War

November 23, 2009

Missing content...

So, as some of you must have noticed by now, some of the parts in the main timeline are inaccessible right now. This is because of the shutdown of geocities, which I had been using to store a lot of the old parts in.
I still have all this content, just need to get it up on a new site.

I am still alive, believe it or not ;)

This has probably been the longest gap in this timeline since I started it ten years ago. Just want to apologize to everyone and reassure anyone who is still out there that I AM still around and I Will get this thing going again.
Been a combination of really bad writer's block and getting married that has caused this current loooong hiatus.(been just over a month now since I got married, things were very hectic there for awhile)
Anyway, to anyone still reading this I'll try to reward your patience sometime soon.