A Devastating Alternate Second World War

March 06, 2007

Segment 52.2 updated

The Segment is now 52.2.1(Revised)

The Revised Segment

Here are the changes I made...

-- number of British POW's in Libya mentioned.
-- British armor situation in Libya mentioned

-- The initial German bombing raid in the Battle of the Canaries involves more heavy bombers and targets Madeira in addition to the Canaries. German losses in aircraft are considerably heavier. The Italian naval force escorting the troop transports is substantially larger, including multiple cruisers and a battleship.

-- made it more clear that the British atomic bomb detonated over a real Italian supply column.(not a decoy column)

-- In the second German air raid it is made clear that British radar coverage has been reduced a lot but not destroyed altogether. Also, when the Royal Navy carrier aircraft make their first attack on the Italian fleet the damage they do now reflects the larger size of the Italian fleet. In addition, instead of a troop transport being sunk a supply vessel is sunk.

-- When the Axis launch the second phase of operation Felix on May 6th, it involves intense
bombing and an air drop of 4000 paratroopers on Madeira. The Axis capture the airfield but it takes nearly 36 hours to repair it to the point where transports can begin landing there.

-- When British carrier aircraft arrive in the theatre in mid May they arrive on May 12th rather than May 10th. This gives the Axis two additional days to repair the air facilities on Madeira before the air clashes begin.

-- When the 5000 British marines arrive as reinforcements in the theatre in mid may they land on Madeira rather than in the Canaries.

-- The details of the British evacuation from Santa Cruz de Tenerife have been altered to reflect the changed scenario.

-- The description of the overall status of the battle of the Canaries as of May 16th has been
updated to reflect the changed scenario.

-- The new SBC facility in the Caribbean is on Puerto Rico rather than the British Virgin Islands.