A Devastating Alternate Second World War

December 09, 2013

Hi folks, if there is anyone still out there....as should be obvious I've had a epic case of writer's block when it comes to Shattered World, for a long time now. The times I do muster up the energy to write more content it turns out as a crap and I delete it. This has happened several times.

I've moved on to other projects in the meantime and just published a new project on the Amazon kindle store...

High fantasy with some steampunk elements.   I'm aiming for fantasy with a very real-world feel to the background. I've been building the world for years, a labor of love way before I ever thought about writing narrative and publishing. Was originally gonna follow more of a Shattered World style for it but decided to keep my background notes private and instead start writing narrative in the world and try publishing a more traditional book. Its free through Friday. Reviews would be much appreciated if anyone is so inclined. 
   As for Shattered World, I have every intention of revisiting it and I do have chunks of the next ebook in the series written down. I'm just not happy with it at this point and its gonna need a lot of work to get into shape.