A Devastating Alternate Second World War

December 30, 2009

Shattered World - Micro Segment 55.5.1
November 8th 1949 to November 12th 1949

November 8th 1949

New Axis offensive in Libya begins with a barrage of chemical ballistic missiles, intensive bombing, massive fighter engagements, and ground attacks up the coast towards Benghazi and northeast across the desert in the general direction of Tobruk. It is a desperate ploy by the Axis, a final effort to capitalize on British woes in Egypt before the Americans can put Army Group Africa into a vise by clamping down from the west. 

November 9th 1949

With a morale boost from the Axis offensive underway in Libya, insurgent elements across Egypt step up their attacks on British troops and assets. The anti-British insurgency is no longer in a position to seize power(aside from a few isolated pockets), but it remains capable of giving the British a major headache. In addition to the violence of the insurgency itself, a general strike called by Islamists and nationalist unions continues to paraylize parts of the Egyptian economy and slow down the flow of materials. Worst of all for the British, the Suez canal and the port at Alexandria both remain closed due to ships sunk by insurgent forces and other sabotage. 

November 10th 1949

In the straights of Gibraltar, the US Navy clearly has the upper hand. Despite heavy losses of destroyers and cruisers to Axis naval maritime guided rockets and bombs, the sheer numbers of U.S. ships have swamped the defending Italian navy. Italian naval forces, aided by a large German naval air presence, continue to fight desperately but they are fighting a rising tide and a torrent of U.S. airpower continues to hammer southern Spain as more and more US ships surge into the straights. By late in the afternoon, some U.S. torpedo boats and destroyers are already probing out into the western Mediterranean itself while a massive line of U.S. battecruisers virtually wipes out a smaller force of Italian cruisers in the straights proper.[The Battle of the Pillars]
   Back at the Canaries, the islands seem ready to sink from the weight of U.S. men and material. Ominously, from the perspective of Axis intelligence officers scouring over aerial reconnaissance photos, the amount of transport vessels present on the islands seems to have risen considerably in the past several days. Indeed, the buildup is so sudden and so massive that a flash message goes out from Berlin to all Axis forces in Iberia, southern France, and Algeria. AMERICAN INVASION OF IBERIA, NORTHWEST AFRICA APPEARS IMMINENT. ALL FORCES OF SOUTHWESTERN COMMAND ARE TO MAINTAIN UTMOST VIGILANCE.  

November 12th 1949

After a month of hellacious fighting in the tunnels and bunkers of the few remaining Japanese pockets of resistance; Okinawa is at last declared fully secure(for the third and final time). 

TO BE CONTINUED in Micro Segment 55.5.2....

December 11, 2009

Timeline links fixed...

Just got the timeline segments back up, the timeline links should work again now. Transferred my old geocities stuff over to Yahoo small business hosting. Sorry this took so long.

November 23, 2009

Missing content...

So, as some of you must have noticed by now, some of the parts in the main timeline are inaccessible right now. This is because of the shutdown of geocities, which I had been using to store a lot of the old parts in.
I still have all this content, just need to get it up on a new site.

I am still alive, believe it or not ;)

This has probably been the longest gap in this timeline since I started it ten years ago. Just want to apologize to everyone and reassure anyone who is still out there that I AM still around and I Will get this thing going again.
Been a combination of really bad writer's block and getting married that has caused this current loooong hiatus.(been just over a month now since I got married, things were very hectic there for awhile)
Anyway, to anyone still reading this I'll try to reward your patience sometime soon.

June 25, 2009

Operation Orange Fire : Day 1

Day 1 of Operation Orange Fire...

Operation Orange Fire

This is an interlude focused entirely on the Axis attack in Libya. Very much a work in progress and I'm open to critiques, ideas, etc. I'll be releasing each new day as I finish it. Then I'll post the entire thing as an interlude in the timeline once its completed.

June 19, 2009

Segment 55.4

A short segment, covering only a week. Hope you enjoy.

Segment 55.4

(made some minor typo corrections. It was a Chilean sub that was sunk, not a Argentinian one. Also, B-34's dropped the atomic bomb not the B-36 ;)

May 28, 2009

Major edit to Segment 55.3

Hi all,

After a lot of thought I've decided to make a major change to Segment 55.3
I have removed the reference to the Germans using biological weapons against the British. Instead, their retaliatory attack is limited to the VX chemical attack. I decided that it just doesn't make sense for the Germans to escalate to bio at this point, especially given the unknowns involved.

April 22, 2009

Status Update...

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive here ;)

I've started a new job and with the long hours and whatnot my creative juices haven't been flowing much. I'm thinking that I'll try to knock out another very short segment sometime within the next week or two.

February 12, 2009

Shattered World - Segment 55.2

Please note that this segment is very short. It covers only one week and it isn't a particularly active week. I mainly just wanted to update the situation on the Eastern front. I figured it would be better to just go ahead and post what I have rather than waiting to add a another week or two of content.

I'll try to get out the next segment fairly soon to make up for this short segment.

Shattered World - Segment 55.2

January 18, 2009

My other project...

Hi all, I just wanted to share another project I have been working on for some time now. This one is an epic fantasy novel that I've been dabbling with on and off for a couple years. A lot of it was lost in a hard drive crash awhile ago but I've recently been reconstructing it from memory and adding in bits and pieces.

I'm posting chapters and notes from it at a new blog I just created...


I'd love to hear some comments if anyone out there is interested in fantasy in addition to WW2 alternate history ;)

Oh, and before you guys worry, this other project really doesn't impact Shattered World since my bursts of writing tend to hit for one project or another and they never really overlap. I'm either in the mood for alternate history writing or I'm in the mood for fantasy writing, so neither is really stealing time from the other