A Devastating Alternate Second World War

February 12, 2009

Shattered World - Segment 55.2

Please note that this segment is very short. It covers only one week and it isn't a particularly active week. I mainly just wanted to update the situation on the Eastern front. I figured it would be better to just go ahead and post what I have rather than waiting to add a another week or two of content.

I'll try to get out the next segment fairly soon to make up for this short segment.

Shattered World - Segment 55.2


Anonymous said...

Olefin here

Nice update Bobby - short but actually it packs a lot of events and foreshadowing in it. Sounds like the South Pacific is about to be a lot less pacific and a lot more active. And the Soviets are in deep doo doo - I dont see how Beria doesnt get a nice 9mm headache after throwing away his armed forces on an attack that not only didnt get him anything but cost him Finland, norther Sweden, and areas around Moscow and Leningrad that were still held by the Russians at the end of the Eurasian War.

And if his southern army defects there is nothing to stop the Germans from cutting the Afghan lifeline except mud.

Anonymous said...

Nice Bobby! Just what I needed. I think it's cool when updates are short but are put online more often. That way the interest is kept spiked while remembering past updates freshly. Thanks


Golladay said...

Time for a new map.

Also, arise Ragnarok!

A Bloody Feast Awaits!

All Look Upon Ragnarok and Despair!

"pops out the vodka and weeps for the Rodina"

Anonymous said...

I'll put together a new map and send it to Bobby soon.

Though I do wonder what happened to the cream of the Soviet forces that were stationed in the Ukraine before the Germans began their northern offensive. Did I miss a segment where they were transferred elsewhere (and where, if so) or did they just up and give in?


Anonymous said...

Olefin here

Some of the cream got transferred to try to hold Smolensk and Leningrad but the rest got their supplies used up by the defense in the center and north. And when the Germans threatened to cut them off they had to retreat with no gas, no air cover and no mech transport or trains - thus the cream got their butts kicked and turned into a mob.

Most likely what is left of the cream is still sitting in Kiev (Bobby did mention there were crack divisions there) but now they are stuck far behind German lines, with no way out and no possibility of escape.

And this time most likely the Germans will just use Kiev as an artillery and bombing range instead of going street to street like they did in Minsk

Bobby Hardenbrook said...

Some of the better Soviet units in the Ukraine were transferred north to reinforce the defense east of Smolensk. Some of them died in the desperate Soviet counter-punch that tried to blunt the German advance in the Eastern Ukraine. A few escaped east without their heavy equipment. And some are trapped in Kiev and other smaller pockets.

So, its a mixture of fates.

The best Soviet divisions are now east of Smolensk. The divisions holding Leningrad and in the south are mostly either very battered, ad-hoc, or grade B and C type divisions. Theres also a lot of "convict battalions" as the Soviets are taking prisoners from prisons and the gulags and whatnot and throwing them into the front lines.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Short, but packed :)

Looking forward to 55.3 :)

CJ said...

9mm headaches?

I don't think so. Try 7.62x25mm.