A Devastating Alternate Second World War

February 19, 2007

Will be updating Segment 52.2

I'll be making some revisions to Segment 52.2 based on some of the concerns raised over aspects of the Battle of the Canary Islands. Theres enough problems with it that a revision seems warranted. I won't go into what specific changes I'll make but they will be related to the Battle of the Canary Islands. Look for the updated segment to be posted here soon.

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Anonymous said...

I think that if Bobby really wants to handle the issue of the Madeira Islands and lack of them in the update then the obvious addition would be a dirty bomb attack on the islands to take out the airfields and the personnel stationed there - as well as reinforcements who come in to the airfields.

The Germans don’t have nukes - but they do have lots of radioactive debris from both the failed reactor and the successful reactor they have. An attack with that material - mixed in with a regular attack with regular bombs - unless the Brits have geiger counters - which is very very unlikely - would result in the people in the affected areas - i.e. the airfields - coming down with irreversible radiation damage within days or hours depending on how much material is used. - thus killing or incapacitating all personnel there, rendering the fields, planes and facilities useless until decontaminated and also affecting any reinforcements flown in there until symptoms appeared among the base personnel.

And considering they are already using nerve gas and other chemicals and the British have already gone nuclear - and that this is a huge gamble where it now seems Hitler and Mussolini knew it would bring in the US - then using dirty bombs fits right into the narrative.

It takes the Madeiras out as a threat for a long long time, protects the fleet from attacks from there since by then all personnel would be either too sick or too dead to man planes and doesn’t require an additional German invasion force or commando force to take out the airfields or hold them.