A Devastating Alternate Second World War

August 15, 2007

Segment 53.2 updated...

It is now version 53.2.2

There will be no further changes unless someone spots a typo or gross editorial error.

The changes I made were pretty subtle, didn't change anything much on a macro scale.

* mention of german subs involved in battles with convoys during blockade of canaries
* correction made to U.S. fleet movement descriptions(previously I kep saying 'east' where I had meant west. The fleet movements should make more sense now
* Japanese aircraft operate out of Okinawa and Kyushu during battle of East China Sea
* U.S. land based aircraft are also involved during the battle of East China Sea
* Losses to U.S. task force during battle of East China Sea are a bit higher, and more fighters on both sides are downed
* Minsk has 150,000+ surviving soviet soldiers as of August 1st rather than 200,000+
* The Japanese attack on the U.S. task force on August 1st includes Japanese aircraft from out of Kyushu and does slightly more damage
* Battle of Northern Phillipine Sea changed very slightly. Reasoning behind Japanese fleet's 'death run' explained
* Destruction of remaining Japanese surface fleet changed slightly(Japanese plan to support the surface fleet with aircaft out of Kyushu disrupted by U.S. attacks on Kyushu air fields)


Anonymous said...

Olefin here

(put this on the update blog as well but not sure if you want comments here or there)

Bobby let me be the first to say that the updated revision reads fantastic! Just about every logic hole is closed, the death ride is now explained (as in if they dont do it they wont have enough fuel to ever sortie again anyway), and the kamikaze attack is much more realistic.

And having Kyushu get nailed to suppress the air attacks out of there fully explains where those planes were and why they didnt participate in the final battle.

And the losses at Minsk are much more realistic now instead of only 25,000 over the course of 43 days in what is supposed to be a desperate battle.

And like the touch about the running convoy battles in the Canaries - just the little touch that brings it to life.

Thank you for the revised update!

Anonymous said...

Some of you people complain too much. Just let bobby do the story as he sees fit and stop with the constant complaining about trivial things.

Anonymous said...

Olefin here

If you want to post please put up your name per Bobby. Enough already with the anonymous postings. And since the revised update reads much better in this case our complaints turned a flawed stone into a real gem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with letting bobby post what he wants. oh and I am James

Anonymous said...

Olefin here

And he did post what he wanted - notice that all he did was slightly revise it based on input from myself and others. And that is what the board is here for guys - to give our input and have Bobby take a look at it. He then either dismisses it or he makes slight changes.

And that is how it has been for a long time. So really if you dont like people asking for changes or pointing out inconsistencies then you will have to get used to it - thats life here at ShatteredWorld

SuperJew2000 said...

Althist Fanatic here

I spotted a typo on the July 25th paragraph. Quote:

...either dead or dyeing from radiation...

Shouldn't dyeing be spelled dying?

Anonymous said...

ctwaterman back from Corn Country Indiana...

No actually I think Dyeing was correct they were simply changing there Uniforms Colors... :)

Bobby Hardenbrook said...

Fixing the "dying" spelling, thanks

Anonymous said...

Olefin, get a life. Just enjoy the read

Anonymous said...

Olefin here

If you have the time to put up an insult then have the time to put your name up.

And if you had read what Bobby said instead of just being a jerk you would see that the update was revised due to several people's comments and not just mine.

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