A Devastating Alternate Second World War

February 27, 2008

My other hobby...

Hi all,

First of all, the new board will be back up once my brother can get it running on the new hosted service. All of the discussions and whatnot are saved to backup so we're ok there. Until then we'll use the old board.

Now, about my other hobby. If anyone is into gaming or just interested in seeing me write in a drastically different setting, check out my new gaming/fiction blog, NOT IRL

Its short for "Not In Real Life", it'll be my thoughts about the future of gaming, virtual worlds, etc, as well as a place to host my bits of fiction set in gaming/virtual world environments


Craig said...


Your theories on video gaming future are interesting, and it seems your time and energies are drawn more and more away from shattered World, do you think maybe it might be a good idea to start getting some of the more veteran discussion board posters like Olefin, ctwaterman, scipioafricanus, or lordroel02 for example to help you with writing the continuing storyline?

Now I don't want to offend anyone, but since I've never been able to log onto the board myself since I found shattered world over a year ago, I've still read many of the topics and discussions posted. I've found that many of the suggestions and theories put forward by "regulars" like Olefin were excellent. especially in relation to the Japanese Fleet death ride argument back a little while ago.

What I suggest is perhaps through e-mail, facebook, or some other form of communication there be made a collaboration effort to continue Shattered world, whilst not taking up too much of Bobby's busy schedule.
Maybe by selecting 3 or 4 "vet" board members, having each of them submit to Bobby their versions of how they think the next installment should go, and Bobby using his creative control to pick the best elements from the submissions, add a bit of his own creative genius to make it flow together properly, and viola, a new post done in less time, (and less work) for Bobby.

I believe from what I've seen that everyone here who posts does so after a fair bit of research to prove whatever point they're making. If they put that same research to use keeping Shattered World believable as a possible history then I think the storyline would not suffer at all.

What does everyone else think?


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