A Devastating Alternate Second World War

January 16, 2010

New policy on comments...

I've changed this blog to only allow comments from registered users, that is users with blogger/google/openID accounts.

This is to stop spambots but also to stop the baiting and flaming from anonymous users. If you don't want to create an account with blogger/google for some reason, you can of course still use the separate hosted discussion board


Olefin said...

thank you Bobby - maybe now the blogger board will one where we can have discussions without the flame wars

lordroel said...

I agree whit Olefin in this , now let’s hope that the time is over when we did not know who was posting what.

Golladay said...

Sounds good.

"Loads Holy Plasma Gun"

Er wait wrong universe,

"Loads AK 44"

tetsuo said...

Looks good to me.

tetsuo said...

Anyways a few questions:

1. Is the next part coming?

2. Is the US fielding the F-9F Cougar Carrier jet fighter?


This carrier jet was a successor to the F-9 Panther. And is comparable to the Mig-15.

I think that the Cougar would probably come earlier in this timeline due to pressing concerns to match the latest German jets.(due to the high Panther loss rate).

3. Is the USN readying a push into the Western Med shortly?

I think while the USN lost a lot of ships, they got a lot more in reserve and more coming in. while their Axis enemies lost the bulk of their forces.

As said before, I think in the Western Med. Sicily will be the prize, though the Bellearic Islands(Mallorca etc.), Sardinia and Corsica will need to be occupied or neutralized before the Western Med. willl be under Allied control.

THe Bellearic islands make an excellent staging ground to hit eastern Spain while Sicily will be key to cutting off Axis supply lines to North Africa.

4. Is Mussolini's popularity flagging in Italy with the heavy defeat of the Regina Marina in the Pillars and continuing heavy loss of troops in Russia and North Africa?

I think the Italian public is in fear of the atomic attacks(as seen on Spain) and probably backing the losing horse(eg. Mussolini and Hitler).

Anonymous said...

This is a good thing, maybe now every second comment wont be Olefin crying about something and/or someone.

Cant wait for the next part Bobby!

Olefin said...

This is to stop spambots but also to stop the baiting and flaming from anonymous users

Hmm what part of no baiting or flaming from anonymous users did you miss Anonymous?

Olefin said...

Hey Anonymous - either obey the rules or go somewhere else - it clearly says no more posting by anonymous users per Bobby - so put up a name or find another board.

As for the questions raised by Tetsuo the Italians havent lost the bulk of their forces - their BB, HCR, and much of their LCR and DD force is still intact as are most of their subs - and the USN is now down several carriers.

Its not over yet - its still a very long fight - and Sicily, as opposed to what happened in OTL, isnt going to fall easily.

As for Mussolini - the Italians still hold Libya, Tunisia, parts of Yugoslavia, Greece and southern France as well as Corsica and Malta - they have taken losses but they still hold a lot more territory than they started the war with. And Italy just gave the USN a bloody nose - it wasnt a one sided battle, both lost heavily.

It will take more than that to cost him support in Italy.

Bobby Hardenbrook said...

Very clever 'anomymous' ;)

just cool it on the baiting please, let's just move on

Daniel said...

I don't see the Italian population knowing much about the defeat except through rumors. The propaganda probably only talks about the US losses while mentioning a few heroes and patriots gave their lives in the battle.

lordroel said...

But would the Italian people not get suspicions if fewer cruiser return to port , ore is the royal Italian navy making sure that that the ports are under total lockdown.

Daniel said...

They are going to see more cruisers and destroyers in port as the ones that were in Spain and the Atlantic are back in the Med and in Italian ports more often. The ones that survived are back home, anyway.

Also, anyone going to ports and counting ships regularly will soon find themselves arrested as a spy.

Anonymous said...

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Vancouver_2010 said...

I wonder when is the next part going to be published?

joven said...

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lordroel said...

Spam alert.

Olefin said...

Olefin here

Bobby, just wondering if we will see another update anytime soon? Since June 2009 we have had a total of four updates, two being the Orange Fire side story, with the war moving forward only a few days. I know you are busy and I know that real life comes before this.

But heck even if if all you did was do a rewrite of an old update (as you said you were doing over a year ago when you re-edited and posted Section 1) or the prequel you mentioned two years ago - gives us something to read.

I know the long term veterans (yes I am talking about CJ and CT) will do the usual "its Bobby's story and he will get back to it again" and tell the usual about long breaks - but its not just your story. Its mine and Roel's and Golladay's and CJ's and CT's and Daniel's and all the others who love to read it and debate it.

Heck even a ONE DAY update is better than nothing.

Submitted with all respect as a true fan of a story that I cant wait to see how it all comes to a final climax and ending.