A Devastating Alternate Second World War

July 31, 2020

Started posting the original timeline segments in their original format

The first 10 original segments, and their associated maps, are now posted at the top of the page. I'll do them all eventually but it takes a bit of work to grab them from the way back machine, save to pdf, then post to the current site,  so I'll do the segments in batches. 

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Bobby said...

I got rid of the links to the old parts and instead I've put up a "classic" site which is a clone of the site as it existed in 2006/2007. This seems to be a better way to post the old content. Note that the actual parts are on the wayback machine so when you click into a part you'll be seeing the segment as hosted on wayback....the navigation links inside the specific parts won't work but you can just use backspace to leave a part and browse for others. Hopefully this isn't too confusing. Eventually I will host all the old content myself but that's gonna take some work to do.