A Devastating Alternate Second World War

June 12, 2018

Time to revive Shattered World?

Hey all, if anyone is still out there...I've been giving serious thought to trying to revive Shattered World in a serious way. And no more e-books, I would go back to the old format of free serialized updates...and hopefully do so on a more regular schedule.

However, I'm just not sure if anyone is still out there and if there is any interest in this? What I am thinking is this; I currently have 76 followers on twitter. If I see that get to 125 then I'd take that as a firm "yes!" in answer to the question of whether there is still interest. I thought about just doing a poll or something....but I figure following me on twitter takes a tiny bit more effort and is therefore a better gauge of interest...and if I did revive the series I'd plan on doing a lot of my status updates and interaction with readers via that channel as well.

So, if you are interested in seeing Shattered World revived then just follow me at https://twitter.com/CypherLH. Feel free to DM me on there as well if you have any thoughts on this.


CJ said...

I'm still around. I don't do Twitter, but you can consider this a "yes" from me.
Hope life has treated you well over the last several years?

I don't suppose the Board is still sitting an old drive someplace?

Bobby Hardenbrook said...

Hey CJ, I will check with my brother about the board. I'm pretty sure he has the archive still and I'll look into getting it and making it available in some way if not outright reviving it.

Bobby Hardenbrook said...

It looks like I'm either not getting much of a response on the question of reviving the timeline...or people just don't want to do the twitter thing, or both ;) I was kind of afraid the fan base had drifted away and this appears to be the case for the most part. I known I only have myself to blame for this. (disappearing, letting the board die, etc.)

I guess if I want to revive it I'll just have to start writing and hope the people will slowly drift back over time.

I'm just starting to seriously think about how I want to approach this, but when I'm ready I'll just start posting new stuff and will announce here and on my twitter and facebook.

lordroel said...

Still around, always can host the timeline on my forum if needed.

a Czech said...

Will the entire timeline reappear on the web? I read it years and years ago, and keep a hope for more. I couldn't be bothered with a twitter, though.

Vancouver_2010 said...

definitely be interested. Please continue the story.